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In Todogadget all standard ads are free and can upload a total of 4 photos maximum of 10MB. Standard ads will be active for 30 days, until the purchase occurs, the user decides to stop the publication or Todogadget, under breach of any of the parts described in the Terms of Service, is forced to temporarily disable or permanent disposal. Posting ads you must register or you can access your Facebook account, thus the system will automatically create your personal account and send you an email confirming you access data as a new user of the site.

Social Networks

Share your advertisement through social networks but also other places like forums, blogs, among others so that your known group can also share it with their contacts.

Remember you must register to "put your free ad" and use all services with all the advantages and features that Todogadget offer. Don't forget to use "Paypal" you must have an account and set in your user profile. This option is completely optional for both the seller and buyer and may choose to reject or cancel the transaction through this system if one does not agree. You can choose other payment systems.

You will have a complete User Panel with many tools to manage your ads easily and comfortably and other fun features that will make your stay in Todogadget. Don't forget to fill in all the necessary information so that users can contact you if they need to clarify any questions or are interested in one of your published ads. Upload a profile photo by clicking on the link to "Upload picture" in your user panel "My Profile -> Profile Data" or use the crop tool to adapt your profile picture.

If you are a company or have a business build a profile as professional as possible and earn the trust of your visitors. It's important that you complete your profile and upload your own image because users can reach you from the vendors page and sometimes an image or logo makes a difference for many users. Don't have a profile picture or have your personal profile incomplete can give a sense of little updated or neglect facing buyers.
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