Improve title and description of products

Get the best titles and descriptions for your article, think they are the first thing visitors see when they enter our ad. It’s the first opportunity we have to inform buyers and get them interested in our product. Buyers are fixed in this information to decide whether to buy, so it is important that all data is accurate, clear and complete. Thus, buyers know what to expect and you can avoid:
- Negative Ratings regarding items that do not match your description.
- Cases in which the buyer claims that the item does not correspond to the listing description.
- Status of the ítem.
Describe the status of the ítem is a basic part of the ad. Informs users about they will exactly receive and be honest. You must indicate even the smaller damages to the buyer to know what to expect and gain their trust. Thus the chances that the buyer claims that the item does not correspond to the description are reduced a they will see you as a professional seller.
You must include information on the status of the item in the title or description. Make sure all the information is visible to users who visit your ad and is easily understandable. Use enumerations, lists of points and other elements so that potential buyers can see the item data in a clear and easy to understand way.
When we are not clear in the title or the description of the product we sell, we can find us in several problems:
1- Sometimes we describe some products that have been restored, have been used as a test or have the seal opened as "NEW PRODUCT"  and this is very misleading. New means entirely new, ie, that in no case has been returned by another person and with each and every one of its parts or accessories unused.
Clearly indicated when a product is restored, has been used in some test or the package has been opened and describes the state in which the product is at the time of sale. The buyer must know if the product has some kind of defect (however small( or if the product is composed of all accessories and components and is in perfect working order.
2- Don’t include information about possible faults or defects of the product would be considered as a hoax.
Describe your article very clearly and report any type of wear, defect, parts or accessories not included and any additional feature to consider that may be relevant for the buyer.
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