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Privacy Statement and Confidentiality

These statements are intended to inform users of the scope of comprehensive protection of personal data stored in archives; Records; Banks or databases; Or other technical means of data processing, in order to respect the right to privacy of individuals, as well as free access to information that may be recorded on them.

In this sense, in the light of the proposed object, will make all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the data collected through the site will always be treated in a way that protects the purpose of the protection of personal data Consecrates

The confidentiality of the private communications between, and the users will imply the maintenance of the information in files, banks or databases, in such a way that the access by users or simple third parties that are not authorized to such Effect is restricted.

Voluntariness in data delivery

These statements are intended to inform users about the processing of personal data carried out by, in order to freely and voluntarily determine the delivery or not, of their personal data when they are required or obtainable From the use of any of the services and / or available at ""

As a general rule, when a Personal Data is requested to use a service or access certain content, the delivery of the same is not mandatory, except in those cases where it is specifically indicated that it is a data required for the provision of the service or access To the content, in which case the user who does not wish to be able to opt out of the use of the service or content. In no case will the user be required to provide sensitive data.

Purpose of the data collected

The collection and processing of personal data is intended to provide, manage, manage, customize, update and improve the services and content made available to users by Likewise, the data may be used to send communications to users, regarding the services and content provided by

Use authorization

The user who will provide his personal data, expressly authorizes for the use of the data provided for the purposes set forth herein. It implies in addition the acceptance of all the terms contained in these Declarations, and in the General Conditions.

Untransferability of data

In respect to the privacy and confidentiality of the users, does not transfer nor transfer personal information of the users to any third party. However, services were designed to allow users to share different types of information, including personal information. Accordingly, by submitting a photograph and / or any personal information, the user waives any expectation of privacy that he or she has with respect to the use of your personal information provided. Users who do not want their information entered on the Site, are information provided to the public should not use the service.

Rights of data subjects

In turn, and as a consequence of the guarantee of protected rights, it is also expressed as a purpose, that of allowing at all times access to information by the people linked to the data recorded. In this way, the user may exercise the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, which will be mentioned later.

The exercise of these rights can be made by each user by email addressed to:

Upon the entry of the data by the users,, will correct, delete or update the personal data of the affected, when appropriate.

The deletion of any / us data will not proceed when it could cause damages to the legitimate rights or interests of third parties, or when there is a legal obligation to keep the data.

The right to require the correction of data: In principle, the right to demand rectification may be exercised in the face of the falsity, inaccuracy, inaccuracy or misinformation of the data. Its recognition implies the preservation of the veracity of the information, condition that makes the quality of it.

The right to require updating of data: The update consists of preserving the validity of the data, that is, the correspondence of the fraction of information it represents with the temporal scope in which it is provided.

The rights to addition and dissociation: Users may require that information be added to the recorded data, when they are considered incomplete in a way that does not reflect the realities they represent. In a similar sense, they may also require the dissociation of data whose qualities or characteristics only allow their processing without the possibility of establishing associations or links with the data owners.

The rights to the suppression and submission to confidentiality: The "suppression" of a data implies its definitive elimination of the file or registry, that is to say its complete disappearance, without being able to be record of its previous registration.

Elimination of personal data: When a user account is closed by the user, or when it is canceled by decision of, all personal data associated with said account will be permanently removed from the systems of

About Cookies

Eventually may use cookies, which will be installed on the user's computer when browsing the site. They are intended to facilitate browsing the site to the user, and provide with information that will help you improve your services and content. In no case will the cookies used by provide personal information of the user, who in relation to them will maintain full anonymity, even in front of, since they do not provide information tending to the individualization of the user.

It is the intention of to emphasize that to navigate the site, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of the cookies sent by This may only be required in relation to certain services and / or content. By continuing the navigation we understand that our cookies policy is accepted.

Safety measures adopted, in relation to its files, databases or databases containing personal information of the users, adopts all the logical and physical security measures required by the regulations, and those that result from the appropriate prudence and diligence in the protection Of third parties who have placed their trust in
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