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Our service is only available to individuals who can accept legal contracts under current law., reserves the right to terminate your association agreement for any reason. works only as a service for adults, in order to be a customer of our company you must have the age of 18 years. Please do not try to register if you have not reached that age. You will be registered as a customer and on the condition of accepting the terms and conditions described below, and applicable to the use of the service provided by As an adult, you are solely responsible for any information contained in your personal profile and in all your communications with other users of

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), and Royal Decree 1720/2007 on the development of the LOPD, we inform you that the use of certain services on our website requires us to provide certain data Personal information through registration forms or by sending emails with the purpose of asking us for any information, clarification or doubt. Your data will be processed and incorporated into our files, as the owners and responsible for them. The referred delivery of the personal data constitutes express consent to the treatment of the same, although of a revocable character and without retroactive effect. can not, practically, monitor or control the use of our service by users, and does not do so accordingly. Therefore you must agree to accept sole responsibility for the legality of all your actions under the laws in force. In the same way, the customer is also limited by this User Agreement and must agree and accept responsibility for the legality of all their actions under the laws in force. will not be responsible for the illegality of the actions of the users. You should not use our service to send or distribute offensive material, including inappropriate language or explicit sexual references (including photographs that do not conform to the established). You will not harass other users by trying to continue communicating with someone who has clearly asked you to stop communicating with them. You will be responsible for ensuring that your behavior with other users is legal and in line with what the law states. To the extent that if you fail to comply with applicable law or any other provision of this User agreement, you may not be responsible, in addition to releasing us from any claim, lawsuits, lawsuits and proceedings, relating to this section, by the Which you could bring a legal case against

Our company reserves the right, without limitation, to suspend any member who violates these terms and conditions, including, if it is suspected that a client may be related (by conviction or otherwise) with any type of fraud or illegal activity in Relationship with our service, or at any other time, with or without your knowledge, shall have no obligation to you, if it suspends or terminates the service you render for any reason that the company creates. You waive all rights that you may have had with insofar as such conduct is concerned. can deactivate the profile if it is judged as offensive until the part that is considered offensive is changed by what is acceptable by the company. If no solution is applied, reserves the right to remove all or part of a Personal Profile attached to its corresponding page:

(A) If receives a request, a request, or a request to do so by order of any government department or agency.

(B) At any time, and with absolute discretion on the part of, and we will have no obligation to you if you suspend or terminate your account for any reason. You waive all rights that you may have had with insofar as such conduct is concerned. Our company has the right to dictate the terms and conditions at any time by displaying these on its website. You (and the rest of the users) will be limited by the terms mentioned from that moment, and this User agreement will not be amended in any other way.

Under no circumstances will any user be permitted to dissociate from the rules of the service we provide in order to avoid any harmful consequences or indirect damage. Additionally, our company waives all responsibility within the legal protection, without having to be related to the acts or omissions that the users of the service can carry out. However, nothing in this User Agreement is intended to limit or exclude any legal liability, which, on the part of may be incurred and to which the applicable law in force is applicable. If you do not notify, within 12 months, of the conduct referred to in relation to any of the requirements, actions, lawsuits, proceedings or claims that have been filed, according to law, you must exculpate and To release from all the rights, actions, lawsuits, procedures and demands that you may have had against notifies you that there are risks when dealing with Internet users located in other countries, persons under age or persons acting under a false identity or for some other criminal purpose. The identification of users on the internet is difficult. Consequently, can not assure that each member or user is who he or she claims to be. Therefore, you should be careful when dealing with other users. Because will not and may not be involved in Member-to-Member communications and activities, in the event that you have a conflict with another user, as permitted by law, you hereby exculpate (and our agents and employees) from any claim, demand or damage (present or future) of any kind or nature, known or unknown, suspected or not suspected, disclosed or not disclosed, resulting or otherwise related With the conflict in concrete. You are solely responsible for the information provided by you for the Personal Profile (Your Private Information), and acts passively as a means for the distribution and online publication of your information. However, may take any action, with respect to your information, that is deemed necessary or appropriate, for example, if believes that your information may create any legal responsibility for us, or if it may cause us harm (Total or partial) to access the service of our ISP servers or any other server, then may alter or remove all or part of your personal information.

The provisions of this agreement are varied and, if any provision of this User agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision may be withdrawn while retaining the remaining provisions in force. The possible unsatisfactory event for to act with respect to a breach by you concerning this User Agreement does not preclude our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. This User Agreement may not be interpreted contrary to us for the sole reason that it has been produced by todogadget. In addition, this User Agreement requires the understanding and agreement between and you with respect to this subject. If you register on this website means that you understand and accept the rules set out above.
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